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2003 Whisper White with Torch Red hardtop.

Out for a Fall photo shoot.
With -5 to -25 degree wind chills here in New England, these photos warm the soul a little bit.
Thank you Steve. A fellow T-Bird friend talked me into purchasing the red top, about six year ago, to match the full red accent interior and red pin- striping that had been done several years earlier. I haven't had the white top on since.....
I have a red T-Bird & top that I just bought a year ago.. I have often thought about looking into a white or black top also.. My hard top is only on for two month out of the year.. April and November, just before and after winter storage.. I also leave it on when I store it over the winter in the garage.. Being in upstate NY, the T-Bird doesn't see the road during the winter because of the salt that is on the roads pretty much all winter long..
My first Bird was an 02 Torch Red and often thought about buying a white top for it and adding wide whitewall tires. I think that is a classic look. But I ended up trading it in for an 03 whisper white with 20K fewer miles on it, and in show room condition. We live here in New England so I understand the winter issues. As soon as they put salt and sand on the roads the Bird gets put away for the winter. We have a show towards the end of April and that's when I take her out for the year.
I understand they are going to have a big Thunderbird show in Buffalo this summer and several of our New England gang have been talking about going. Have you heard about that show?
I just checked their Western New York Thunderbird Club web site, but it's may be too early in the season for info on their club events.. Everything was for last summer 2017.. Looks like they have a very active club though.. I have not participated in any club events yet.. Central New York T-Bird club has a spring rally but I think it also includes which is probably well attended by other ford owns of mustangs.. It's more of a Ford rally..
My daughter is living in Buffalo.. It is a fun trip when you include Niagara Falls in the itinerary which is only 15 or so miles away.. My Bird has 17,000 mile bought it with 16,000 last February from a Mercedes dealer.. Took delivery in late March when the salt was finally off the roads. Mine had 3 prior owners.. First two were from the Albany NY area and they only put 2000 mile each in in the 4-6 years they owned it each..
The last owner lived close to Syracuse and they put about 10K on it in the 4-5 years they had it.. Looks like I'll be driving less than 2K a year with mine. Only driving it on weekends.. I saw a beauty on Barrett Jackson auction Scottsdale on Velocity last week.. I think it was a 2002, with only 200 miles and t-bird blue and it went for $30,000.. I would love to have two.. One to keep pristine and one a driver, not a daily driver mind you, but more often than just the Sunday drive...

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