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WTB 429 boss heads 1968

Discussion in '1955 - 2005 Thunderbird Parts for Sale/wanted' started by Jrc, Oct 5, 2018.

  1. Hi I have a 1968 bird with a 429 I'm looking for a set of 429 boss heads that aren't to expensive Thanks
  2. Lol good luck with that one dude. Originals are EXTREMELY rare and cost a mint if you can even find them! Reproduction Boss 9 heads are still VERY expensive costing thousands of dollars for a set. You may want to set your sights lower. What is your goal first? What do you plan on doing with this car?
  3. I want to build a 1000 hp motor . I'm going to drag race the car
  4. You will NOT find these heads cheap. Just a little searching will show that even bare reproduction boss 9 heads will run you $1800 a head. There is a listing on ebay for a complete set of boss 429 reproduction heads. over $3000 for the set. Forget about getting originals. They are almost no existent and would cost you a MINT if someone was even selling them. There is a set of original boss 429 heads on ebay, but the cylinder head has a crack between the valve seats so they are pretty much expensive paperweights.

    Honestly... If you are planning on hopping up the car for drag racing you will not be doing this on the "cheap" side as you so put it. Expect to spend A LOT. Tbirds of this era are not even designed to be bounced off the line. The are meant to float down the road with their very soft suspension.
  5. I didn't say cheap I know it's expensive to build a high hp motor the heads I'm looking at are 8500.00 each . And you can set a car up for drag racing .And you never know someone might have a set of boss head they want to get rid of . Thanks for your input
  6. original ones are EXTREMELY rare since they only made a very small few. Basically the car was only built in limited numbers as a NASCAR requirement. SO your chances of getting originals are hard. Still... The reproductions ones are nice. I defiantly would get some if they weren't so much lol. Good luck with your build! Nice to see someone making these glamour birds bounce of the line as well!
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