WTB 2005 hose assembly 3W4Z-9K617-AA KCV128

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Aug 12, 2019
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I live in Calif. and my car with 65,000 miles keeps having the mass air sensor fail which results in a code and failure to pass smog. On close examination I discovered that the end portion of the PCV valve hose was missing. It appears to be some type of clamp. In my car the hose is shoved directly into the orifice without the end clamp. It can be removed simply by tugging gently. The dealer does not carry this part. Part # 3W4Z-9K617-AA. The hose is there but not the end clamp. I assume that there is an air leak causing the code. Also is there an alternative method I can use if the clamp end cannot be located?
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I have learned that Ford has a substitute for the PCV valve hose [discontinued part #3W4Z-9K617AA] used in the 2002-2005 TBird 3.9L V8 (as well as the 2003-2006 Lincoln LS). It is identified as Motorcraft KCV128- https://ebay.us/U7lQRE
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