WTB 2002-2005 Hardtop T wrench removal tool

Thank you but I was looking for the original Thunderbird wrench that came with the car.
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They should be already there recessed in the bolt holes. If you dont have the tool, use a #40 torx bit inserted from the bottom.
You might not have noticed that the bolt was already in there cause it deep into a socket and isn't readily visible. The head of the bolt is very recessed in the hole and if you don't put the Torx bit in perfectly vertical, it won't engage. You might have to purchase a took with a long shaft cause the hole diameter probably will only accept a 1/4" drive. Torx screw drivers, which are readily available might not give you the grip to tighten the screws enough or once tightened to remove them comes summer. So if you go our to buy a #40Torx look for one that has a handle at 90 degrees to the shaft as this will give you the leverage you might need to screw them in and out.