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what color

Discussion in '1967 - 1988 Ford Thunderbird' started by stevo, Oct 4, 2017.

  1. I have a 1977 primer bird that was rose glow , pink. Im ready to repaint do I do a color change or paint pink 22251425_10211984462700113_148157600_o.jpg pink.jpg
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  2. I would go back with the Rose Glow, it was an extra cost color and it was only available for 77, I had one like an idiot I sold mine, the only change I would make would to paint the lower part, below the trim Burgundy... just my two cents...
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  4. stay with the glow maybe add a little pinstriping
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  5. I am friends with "Pretty Bird" - and, his car is beautiful. Rose Glow, it's my understanding is a rare color. I think it's very pretty - it's unusual, but I was always a person that was attracted to cars that weren't the "standard" colors.

    If you change the color - you diminish the value of the car whatever it costs to change it back.

    I don't like the color of mine - but, when I get it painted - it's going back original. These cars - you just don't see them like you do the others.

    Here's my car and Pretty Bird's together - as you can see, his is beautiful. Mine, well - people are calling me "Madea" now... hahahahah T-Birds at 5076.jpg
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  6. I will paint it as close as I can ,I can't find the exact color at Sikens, but I found one more like Pretty Bird's 79.
    The 77 was slightly lighter so I will add more flake to help lighten it up. painting next week.. few more days of sanding.. I will post as soon as she's ready. thanks for the input .
  7. Oops looks like Pretty Bird's car is a 77 as well .. the second trim piece on his head light made me think it was a 78 or 79 my 77 only has one light with trim. any way she will be very close to original .
  8. getting close

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  9. no its not the color just looking for imperfections

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  10. It's looking good so far. Nice work.
  11. rose glow with extra flake , ill get her in the sun tomorrow and show ya.

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  12. need to buff bumpers and paint rims . tint widows then interior back in ,the guy in photo helped get the chrome back on.

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  13. Man - nice!! I am totally jealous!!!

    How hard is it to get the chrome trim out from around the opera windows?

    So, no vinyl top originally??? That is a *pretty * car!
  14. Thanks. The chrome we needed to pry off and broke half the clips so we used windshield glue.. The top is metallic looks cool. Ill shoot some photos. were I live I could not find a vinyl guy. so paint.. also less maintenance. Under the top was solid rust.

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