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Im looking to purchase a 56 Tbird, unrestored for a project and show car. Basically, all it needs is a fairly decent body and a good chassis. Anywhere in the states is good, Im always up for a road trip! Get in touch!!
Problaby 0 - 5. Im going to end up putting over 30 into the car, so I need to save as much as possible. In fact, if you want to, we can talk and you could keep ( under the hood ) if you want to. Let me know. VERY interested now! (Plus, Ill come get it!)
Hey man just to let you know... I have never seen a reasonably restorable 56 tbird for under 7k asking price. If it is then it will need large amounts of frame work or is missing critical components for a show car like it has no engine and transmission. Your best be honestly is to go to a big car show like Carlisle and buy a 10k-20k car and then put the work into it because you can get a 56 like that with no rust and running. It will save you LOTS of money in the long run and then you won't have to deal with tons of rust as well. I bought my 55 for 15 and after 3k in parts I got an offer or 26k on it.
The problem is, all I want is a decent body, a rolling chassis, and the interior. Everything else will be brand new, basically. I suppose you could say Im not restoring the car actually, Im sort of breaking new ground compared to old standards. Taking the old body etc, with new parts. For example, a 2000 5.0 Mustang engine ( possible ). Its sort of a blend of restoration and new age speed/sound. Bottom line, I dont need to pay for everything inside, if the owner can sell that to someone else, or have me sell it for them thats fine. Thanks though!
Well then watch hemmings and www.collectorcartraderonline.com for unrestored ones but please take one without an engine incase someone else would like to restore one. The other option is to buy a rolling chassis but they tend to be rather expensive up front because they are perfect. They work out well though in the ling run because it costs over $4000 per rear quarter pannel to replace them and about $1000+ per complete bumper with the bumpergaurds so if you can get a rolling chassis with them it is well worth it. If you wanted to do this try www.amosminter.com . They have a few at all times. Call if you don't see any on the website.
Thank you much. I guess I dont really need a rolling chassis, just a good body, a chassis can be fixed, or, relatively, and so can a body I guess. I suppose Im really looking for a seller!

Thanks for everything so far!
Good luck finding a 2000 Mustang with a 5.0. They quit putting pushrod 5.0 engines in the Mustang in 1995. Maybe you meant to say 4.6. Either engine would be great.
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