Veteran Day November 11,2020

Today is Veterans Day, a day we recognize all the men and woman who swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States even if it meant sacrificing their own lives. I know there must be other members of this forum who have served honorably and today, we salute you!

As for me, I was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army in September 1972 at UIC College of Dentistry. When I graduated in June 1973 I was promoted to First Lieutenant and after completing the Academy of Health Sciences US Army I was promoted to Captain before I went to my duty station at Fort Riley Kansas. I was later assigned to the First Infantry Division (the Big Red One) where I was discharged in June 1975. I received an Honorable Discharge in July 1978.

To all our Veterans I say "Thank You For Your Service !"
Captain Michael J Barrows - US Army Dental Corps
My family tree is filled with veterans as far back as the Revolution (yeah, we’re trouble makers). I just realized that no one joined the Air Force. That was going to be my choice but things didn’t work out.