Vacuum diagrams for 1969 Thunderbird


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I just googled it and a bunch of sites popped up that have them. Good luck
Just google 1967 Thunderbird shop manual
If you don't want the paperback manual try
they have it in PDF for $12.99
I would rather have the paperback manual
you're working on a classic car. Get the original classic manual
$20.99 for PDF 1967 Thunderbird manual not $12.99
Yup I seen them. I got the wiring already. Will pick up the Vacuum ones. On a side note... Would you guys believe that in 1969 they actually tried an anti-lock brake system for the Thunderbird? Well they actually did! Crazy right?
OneAmongOthers. Could you explain to me how the anti-lock braking system worked? And what would be the risks? I'm trying to get mine to work, but I'm having a hard time. Thanks. Eber/Brazil