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Turn signal problem 1969 Thunderbird

Discussion in '1967 - 1988 Ford Thunderbird' started by OneAmongOthers, Nov 7, 2018.

  1. Hey guys I can't seem to get my turn signals working on my 69 tbird. I just replaced all the bulbs in the front and rear. But now all that happens is the drivers side park lamp will come on, but the turn signal won't work. Passenger side turn signal works, but the parking lamp doesn't. On the back I am only getting two lights to blink in the sequence on the passenger side. The drivers side it doesn't even blink in sequence. It's just a solid blink, and very fast blink too. I changed the flasher thinking that was old because it blinked so slowly. What could be my problem?
  2. Hey there OAO,
    Did they ever work?

    If not, does the 69 have that electro- mechanical cluster in the trunk drivers side quarter that controls everything? My 67 has that.

    If you've changed the bulbs, I'd open up that cluster in the trunk and clean up the contacts and terminals. Apparently, they make a modern electrical replacement for that thing.
  3. Yes they did work albeit a bit slow. I will say that recently o was cleaning out the front in preparation for putting in the headlight conversion and I accidently got the driver side turn signal wires caught in my wire wheel. Now what happens is the drivers side does nothing. Parking light comes on in the front and the back lamp does nothing. Passenger side will blink in front, but no parking light. The sequencer will work on the passenger side rear. My car was made on April 4th of 1969.
  4. I had trouble when I first got my car (68) I went true about everything and on the end I changed the turn signal switch with a new one and everything started working perfectly. Never a problem now in 2 years
  5. I've been going through this with my frame off. It's frustrating, I feel your pain. I gave up after cleaning every part and bought a new unit from Cougars Unlimited. It comes in on Thursday, I'll let you know if it's the fix all I'm hoping for.
  6. I wish you luck with this buy ! Let us know how it turns out ! At the moment, my original setup works good and I hope it stays that way ! I am a nut on originally, like things to work as it was produced 50 years ago.....Would love to see some pics of your resto work !

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