Thunderbirds in TV Series 77 Sunset Strip

Sep 29, 2021
Thunderbird Year
Hi, I'd like to build a couple of models to represent the T-birds driven by Stuart Bailey (Effrem Zimbalist Jr) in the TV Series 77 Sunset Strip, and Paul Drake (William Hopper) in Perry Mason.

They both drove convertibles, Bailey's was white and Drakes was Black. Either 1950 or 1960 models would do. There was an old plastic model kit, but it's really hard to find, so I'm thinking of modeling it in 3D for 3D Printing. So I need at the least good side, front and back views.

Does anyone have an idea of how I might find these?


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Sep 13, 2020
Thunderbird Year
The 77 Sunset Strip t-bird was a '58-'60 (apparently he got a new car every year) and the Perry Mason car was a '57. I see new '57 and '60 t-bird model kits from AMT out there if you poke around a bit. The AMT '57 kit is 1/16 scale which is pretty huge. I'd link, but that seems to be forbidden here.
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Mar 9, 2003
I'd link, but that seems to be forbidden here.
100% false. As you know and have seen, there are links all throughout the site.

1957 AMT Ford Thunderbird-

1960 AMT Ford Thunderbird

OP: I updated to your title to summarize your post. "3-view drawings or photos" could mean anything.

If you don't see the car on ebay today, do a save search and get an alert when new items are listed.
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