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Seeing's how I may get by Bird some day in 2008, I've been playing around with my TSO 2002 C/D. While I'm probably not supposed to have this, it's a very interesting item if you happen to come across one. Paired with the owner's manual it tells me everything I wanted to know about the Bird but was afraid to ask. Nothing in the way of graphics but the techie stuff is great. Just FYI.

You can get them for $20 plus $4 shipping in the States. Just email to: (you can tell 'em Wudzee sent you, but make sure you wink at the door.) ; )
Your right these cd's are a must. I have bought two from him already. I have been trying to find out what the printed service manual cost. Has anyone bought one yet?


someone had the owner's manual loaded on an off Ford site as it was easier to download from there. Does anyone remember where that was and if it's still there to download?

have to add:
If you have your VIN#, you can register on Ford's owners site The owner's manual was found there last summer and it probably is still there for downloading.

OOPS! Guess you were looking for the service manual. I should absorb what I read a little better than that. Don't know what it costs or where to get it.

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I just bought original 2005 shop manual tbird only must 5-600 pages paid $130 nothing else ford built is anything like this would u be leave two gas tanks with a pump in between then a high presser pump to feed the injector rail plus how many modules all over the place steering wheel has an motor to raise and lower it! it just goes on and on Jaguar engineered it when ford bought them out duel overhead cams these things where new designs back then.It will get up and go,ive went 110 one Sunday morning I'm going to have a drag racer really put it to the test. Warning!!the tires on many of them are over ten yrs old and should be replaced ,,spares too the spare can dismounted and a good used modern tire put on the same wheel mine is a every day driver on the freeway I get 27 mpg for sure nothing else like it.I LOVE IT !