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SOLD-2003 Desert Sky Blue Premium with 26,300 Miles and White Hardtop

Discussion in '1955 - 2005 Ford Thunderbirds For Sale/Wanted' started by 718Miata, Nov 21, 2018.

  1. I bought this T-bird immediately after it was traded into my Porsche dealership about one month ago. It only had one owner before I bought it, who took fantastic care of the car. The service history is documented by Carfax. Upon getting it, I took it to Russell and Smith Ford in Houston, and had them comb through and service the car. The front brakes and rear rotors were replaced, and the power steering fluid and oil were changed. It will need the typical suspension maintenance work within the next few thousand miles, as per Russell and Smith.
    Asking $18,900. I’m reachable at . Feel free to text or call. The car is located in Houston, Texas at my residence.
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  2. Some photos:

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  3. More:

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  4. More:

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  5. Vin:

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  6. Hi folks. Here is the Carfax, as of today. I’m also lowering the price to $17,900.

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  7. Still for sale. $17,900. Now has 26,600 miles after a few cruises.
  8. I’m also open to trading for an ND Miata, if anyone is interested.
  9. One of 91!! Buy me!

    Order Date: 2/5/2003
    Date Built: 3/20/2003
    At Dealer: 4/2/2003
    Sold Date: 4/5/2003
    Sold By: Star Ford, Glendale, CA
    Description: 2003 Premium, Desert Sky Blue body, performance white hardtop, black accent interior, SST, 7 spoke chrome wheels
    Invoice: $38,193.22 (Dealer cost, not sticker price)
    One Of: 91
  10. PRICE REDUCED TO $16,900.
  11. Still available, folks. $16,900 negotiable.
  12. In your opening post you mentioned according to the dealership that you took the car to, this car will soon need typical suspension work. What would that be? Kind of difficult to understand that with only approx 27,000 miles on it. Great pics. Got any to show condition of soft top?
  13. I bought the car in for “the works,” once I got it, which involved a full inspection. $800 worth of other recommended work later, they told me that the bushings were worn and needed to eventually be replaced. They also said that it would be $150 to further inspect the suspension to see if any other components need to be replaced. I declined, because I wasn’t paying an additional $150 for them to further examine the suspension. Instead, I assumed that it needs the type of work discussed in the “complete suspension needs replaced” thread in this forum, and that I would get it done eventually if I kept the car long term.
  14. Here are some photos of the soft top:

    Attached Files:

  15. What are everyone’s thoughts about listing it for the Houston Mecum Auction scheduled in April?
  16. With or without a reserve? And why?

    Frankly I would just let it rest until early spring when the car culture wakes from their winter naps & begin thinking about warm sunny days with the top down drives. I honestly think you will be able to make your price in April early May if you can wait .
  17. I would place a reserve. The retro birds do seem to do well at auction, and April is the beginning of convertible season.
    I currently have 3 cars (2017 718, 2004 MSM) and would like to sell the impulse buy, now that I've satisfied nostalgia.
  18. I bit the bullet and dropped the car off at the shop that works on my Miatas. So we’ll all know, soon enough, what suspension work needs to be done.
  19. All of the control arm bearings and the rear sway bar links are worn because the car wasn’t driven frequently enough. I’m disinclined to do the work. If anyone wants the car, I’ll knock an additional $2,000 off of the price.

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