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Rough E CODE 57 for sale. Thoughts?

Discussion in '1955 - 1966 Classic Ford Thunderbird' started by graveyard, Aug 14, 2019 at 8:39 PM.

  1. Guys i a chance to buy a E code car but it is in pieces,well the motor and trans are out of it and it needs restored.A lot of work and is a little rusty but he has everthing for it all orginal plus a lot of new parts for it,he is not going to fix it so he will sell it to me.Has a standard trans with overdrive what ever that is,he said it works electric or manuel on the overdrive part.He has the both orginal carbs and all, what is the car worth at this point guys i know it is hard to tell without pic but give me some options please. Would you put 10,000 in it guys?
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  2. You might try this method: Value as restored to level you feel is appropriate for you; concours, local show, driver. Check value for the level you choose. What is the cost to restore each system in the car and the cost of paint and body if someone is paid to do it.. What parts are missing? some parts are not reproduced. Are you doing any of it yourself; subtract your labor from that you have to farm out. You may find out that restoring a car is more expensive than buying one Is your interest higher because it is an E code? You may find out that you will not be happy with the dual teapot carburetors. Many owners swap out the dual carb set up and use a single carb for ease of use. if you don't know about the overdrive perhaps you are not ready to jump into a major project. Assess your own abilities. good luck, john
  3. Not seeing pictures or knowing wher the car has been all it’s lufe. If Midwest of east coast u can be assured it I’ll be really rusted. But west coast can can be pretty well preserved. So think u better off selling it for parts. Original dual quads abut 3-4 k. Softop/ hardtop can bring 2/3 k each. Rusty E car maybe 5k. But u may have to store for a while till parts r sold. Tbirds r not easy to sell. I recently bought an e bird for 5 k. No quads but all new interior, tires , softop and earl shibe paint job over a decent body. Hope this helps u out... but every thing is condition....

    CSPIDY Well-Known Member Lifetime Donor

    If you can do the work your self it’s a great deal. If you have to pay someone else to restore it you may end up putting more money into it than it will be worth. As long as your not just doing it to flip then go for it either way.
  5. Ya i can do all the work myself including paint and all;

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