Removing exterior windshield and rain drip rail chrome trim on a '64.

I'm working on prepping my '64 for paint and cannot figure out how to remove the brightwork from the windshield surround as well as the drip rails. Rear window came off fairly easy without damage. Is the front window trim retained in the same manner?


Drip rails/windshield are more complicated than the rear window. You start inside the cab. Take out all the interior chrome around the roof rails and windshield including the visors. This will expose some of the screws for your A-pillars. The roof rail system is a series of layers of seals and retainers which you remove eventually exposing the drip rails. The windshield upper and lower horizontal chrome trim pieces are not screwed in, they are held in by a bunch of clips which are screwed down. When the A-pillars are gone you can slide them out of the clips. Finally, you should arrive at the glass enclosed in the gasket. Windshields are a lot of work. Good luck