Removing air conditioning unit from 1957 Thunderbird

Hi there, I have a ‘57 bird that the previous owner had restored and during the restoration they had added a very nice air conditioning unit. The car came from Florida and I am in Scotland in the UK and our weather is very different and MUCH cooler even at the height of ‘summer’. I have never used the Air con in the time I’ve owned the car.
With not using it and for me personally I would prefer to be without the black air con box in the cockpit I would like to remove the ac unit and go back to the stock look. My question is how difficult would this be to do, is there anything I would need after removing the compressor? I.e. smaller belts or pulleys etc. I’ve added a couple of pics so you have an idea of the current set up.

I appreciate any help or advice, thanks for your time.
F3908D5A-0BEC-483B-99EB-43156102230A.jpeg 3D39443F-C2B0-4E84-9A07-8D0E6DD017D5.jpeg AC046E2E-26E4-4F6C-8DFF-0E1AD2B3CE02.jpeg
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Suggestion, you an do a web search on air conditioning add-on for your bird, they typically publish the install instructions so you know ahead of time what you're getting yourself into. Get those instructions and reverse the process taking out what is really necessary. Good luck. (what are you going to do with the units when de-installed).