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Questions before I buy an 89 LX

Discussion in '1989 - 1997 Ford Thunderbird' started by Tweeder, Sep 2, 2018.

  1. Hello everyone, I have the opportunity to buy a 1989 T-Bird LX. 3.8L, (not the SC) automatic transmission. I believe the transmission is toast (fluid is black) so I need to call and find out how much that will run before buying the car. I need to know what transmission is in the car though, can I figure that out without getting in the mud under the car?

    The other questions that I have are about parts. Where do I find them? I've got to replace the door and window seals definitely, but the dash is also cracked and rotted. I'm sure you guys have a resource for these type parts?

  2. the dash is expensive so is the trans unless you can find one at the wrecking yard the dash as well is cheaper there but is alot of work to replace
  3. The four speed automatic for that year was the Ford AOD. The parts are an interesting story.... I don't know of anywhere good so hopefully this bump will inspire another member to pitch in.
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  4. Thanks for that reply, I did go pick up the car last week and looked at the pan so I had already verified the aod. The dash? Worse case scenario I can settle for a dash cover. The door seals actually look like they're in good shape, just need to be reglued, and the other trim issues I can fix either through a body shop, or by just resecuring them with trim tape.

    Since I'm not looking to restore the car, just clean it up to be a nice daily for a while, most of the things are pretty easy fixes. But, would love to hear from some of the other members still about places to get parts for this thing.

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