Power steering upgrades 64 bird

Hi All,

New to this forum and do far impressed with the sensible level headed responses across the board.

I have a 64 bird I was driving regularly until the motor cooked and scuffed no 3 bore am currently restoring motor and whilst I have the motor out I was hoping to replace/modify the steering box to something a bit more 'inspiring' to make the steering wheel feel more connected to the road if that makes sense.

I have previously replaced all bushes and ball joints and had n alignment it's not wandering just super light feel due I'm guessing to steering ratio and high degree of power assist. I live in Australia and I don't think the poor roads in my area help the situation none the less hoping there is a solution for this issue.

From what I've read on other forums a rebuild of my steering box won't improve what I'm explaining and I really need a less aggressive level of assistance and or a different ratio.

Has anybody here swapped or modified the steering box in a 64-66 and if so what did you use.

Thanks in advance

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