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-Dealer posts are welcomed, auction company listings are not permitted.
-Post the vehicle photos and asking price and vehicle info on our site. Nobody wants to see a listing without photos, so post photos. Do not say email me for photos. Do not post a link saying the car is for sale and post links to craigslist, Facebook Marketplace or other 3rd party sites. That wastes people's time.
- You may post links to eBAY and other auction sites, however also post the information and some photos on our site. Your listing must include text.
- Listing must include a price or your post may be deleted without notice.
-Do not post items on behalf of other people or listings you found.
-Do not post trades. This is a waste of cyberspace. Sell your car and buy what you want.

-Don't post your phone number or your email address on the forum! There are bots that scrape this data online, not to mention crazy people!
-Posts made using VPNs, Icloud Private relay, proxies or IP anonymizers are not permitted due to the fraud often associated with them
If you want to mark your car sold or reduce the price, reply to your thread with a new post. You cannot edit or delete your post after the first few minutes.

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