parting out four 55 56 57 t birds

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I have 4 55 to 57 t birds all have body damage to one side or the other . have 55 rear clip ,57 R H door .fender .trunk lid (some small dents but very fixable ) 55 57 doors power windows , power seats. frames
PM with needs and pics and prices
\ IMG_20190226_171259681_HDR.jpg 53336689_254241725478718_7619811362276900864_n.jpg IMG_20171107_133811763.jpg 53050586_559926677854264_8222671045165842432_n.jpg IMG_20190228_090559966_HDR.jpg


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You can buy a set from any of the Thunderbird suppliers. If you have a key that will fit into the cylinder you can, or take them to a locksmith, move the tumblers to re-key them.
I'm guessing the answer is "no"
Either you don't have it or don't want to sell it. That's cool.

I haven't seen any matching trunk/glove locks at ANY of the suppliers I have looked at.
At this point, I plan to replace the trunk lock and re-key it to the glove.

I would re-key it myself. Paying a locksmith for a simple job is just foolishness.
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