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painting part of my 56 T Bird ?

Discussion in '1955 - 1966 Classic Ford Thunderbird' started by Mr. Bill, Aug 4, 2019.

  1. I added a mirror to the passenger side door of my 56 T bird and then realized that the driver's side mirror and the passenger side mirrors were placed too far back (on the door but too close to the fenders ) so I moved them further away from the fenders closer to the windows. They are now both visible to the driver and in the same position on each door. I want to have a professional body shop painter paint the area around the two outside mirrors. My auto mechanic said the paint is one stage meaning not clear coated and should be done the same way. A body shop said he would do the painting and clear coat the area he paints ( part of the door and blending his painting into the rest of the door and part of the fender on each side. My question is is this the correct way to do the repare and paint or should I do an only paint as they had no clear coat back in 56 and I want the car to look the same all over. Please help! the car is colonial white and want everything to match.
  2. Is there a reason You cannot use single stage paint? Even in California I can find it. I am not positive but I believe a clear coat would not age the same as a single stage. It would also likely have a slightly different gloss in its appearance. It seems like a minor touch up. I would go with single stage to blend the repair. I hate the paint side of auto repairs. I have found too many prima donna painters. good luck, John

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