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Odometer inoperative on a 64 T Bird

Discussion in '1955 - 1966 Classic Ford Thunderbird' started by IndyTbird, Mar 17, 2019.

  1. As a new member I am seeking advise on a 1964 TBird I purchased recently. The Odometer is not working, I might add that when I started driving the car home the first time The speedometer was indicating 40MPH standing still. As I drove the car awhile the Speedometer straighten itself out, however the odometer is inop.

    Before I start pulling things apart I thought I would seek advise for other member who may have or have had this problem. Is this something that can be fixed in car, or do I have to pull it all apart to have the odometer fixed. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  2. first put the car on a lift and remove the speedo cable from the tranny then hook it up to a drill and check the speedo
    if it does not work you might have remove the speedo, good luck
  3. Thanks for the response didi, I will check that out....I guess the question I would have is : doesn't the barrel speedometer work off the same transmission cable as the Odometer? So if one works should not the other?
  4. This is interesting as I have a similar problem. On mine, the speedometer quit entirely.

    I suppose the problem can be the transmission gear or the cable, but I'm betting on the speedometer itself. For this reason, I'm barely driving the car at all, and after a big show in April I plan to have a restoration shop look at it. Assuming it's the head itself, I'll send it off to D & M Restoration in Greenville, South Carolina. (I have a business relationship with them) I think it's a little off calibration anyway, so I'll have them check it -- and I don't need the car so they can take their time.

    In your case, the speedometer is working but the odometer stopped. That rules out transmission and cable. It has to be the speedometer unit.
  5. Thanks Gary for your insight, there is very little info in the Bird shop manual.
  6. The fun begins, if you want to take that cluster out. I've done it, but it's been awhile. It's wise to cover the steering column with a cloth to keep from scratching it. Then, you should undo that column and let it drop down a few inches. For the cluster, it's a matter of removing a bunch of screws and pulling it out, but of course it's filled with wires that are almost long enough to let you move around. Once you get there, there's a little regulator that you should replace -- just because it's there. Seems they're cheap enough, and they can go bad -- replace it and hopefully you won't have to do this again next week.

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