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No section for general Tbird questions that apply to ALL model years

Discussion in 'Drop the Top-Off Topic Discussion' started by Transporter, Jun 5, 2018.

  1. Transporter

    Transporter Well-Known Member Lifetime Donor

    Are we supposed to use the - Off Topic Discussion area for general Tbird questions that mainly apply to all model years? That doesn't seem to be off topic to me because it will be about Thunderbirds (but not tied to a specific year) and not like a question about what fertilizer you feed you lawn in spring which is truly off topic.
  2. tbird

    tbird Forum Moderator Staff Member Lifetime Donor

    No demand for that, therefore, no section. What's your question?
  3. Transporter

    Transporter Well-Known Member Lifetime Donor

    Well yes I am rather new to the Forum, but I can think of several questions as well as just general thoughts and/or suggestions that would apply to ALL model years or more then one group of model years depending on the options that came with ones Thunderbird. Example:

    What leather cleaner do you prefer to use and have had the best results with? When finished do you also use a separate conditioner/protector?

    What product have you found that isn't thought to be a detailing/cleaning product but is great for X? (like John Haymans comment that he used WD-40 on clouded headlights).

    What do you do between a major washing and wax job to keep your Thunderbird looking factory new until the next wash/wax job?

    How do you clean your floor mats?

    Did you replace your factory floor mats so you could keep them new for resale, if yes what brand?

    What tips have you found to care for and keep your convertible top looking and working great?

    If one gets caught in the rain and owns an air compressor, one can use compressed air to blow the water off the Thunderbird before parking it in the garage to prevent spots and/or acid rain marks instead of taking a chance that a shammy picks up some dirt and scratches your finish while using it to dry.

    I use Simonize Paste Wax to safely remove tar from painted surfaces by dabbing some on the tar then move on to waxing other surfaces then remove the tar once it has softened before the wax completely drys.

    All these questions or suggestions apply to Thunderbirds in general and are not just for a specific year as well as not being a "Drop the Top" off topic subject as they relate directly to Thunderbirds.

    So not as much just a Question(s), but since the last Thunderbird rolled off the line over 12 years ago, there has to be a huge knowledge base out there of suggestions to would most likely translate to any year Thunderbird (especially with guys that show their older Tbirds at shows, they have to have tips that could keep the newer 2002-2005 Tbirds looking great for decades to come).

    Just wondering and thinking out loud.
  4. tbird

    tbird Forum Moderator Staff Member Lifetime Donor

  5. Transporter

    Transporter Well-Known Member Lifetime Donor

    Hi tbird,
    I might be new to this Forum, but I have been using forums for decades all the way back to when I ran a BBS and then started an ISP in 1992 that was purchased by Earthlink in 2003. So I know how to use the search function as in finding PhilD's post about get Blue Tooth and Backup camera by replacing the Head Unit, the post on door locks, the post on frosted head lights, and posts about 2002-2005 electronic and electrical issues.

    What I am trying to relate is that there is not actually a standard for "Titling" ones post. In fact, some people call them indash units some head units some just radios, same goes for headlights, one person might say headlights another lens cover. So searching doesn't always take one to where they are trying to go/find, as some call all carbonated drinks Coke, some call it Pop, some call it Soda, or even soft drinks!

    I get your point but there is the Engineer in me that knows something might work better for others or myself that are worth looking into.
  6. tbird

    tbird Forum Moderator Staff Member Lifetime Donor

    Sweet! I ran a WWIV BBS in 1990 when I was in college.

    Like I said, post your questions in the model year car you have. More categories isnt better, just creates clutter and is why other boards failed & we are #1 by a landslide.

    It's card enough to get people to post in the correct forum as it stands.
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  7. Transporter

    Transporter Well-Known Member Lifetime Donor

    Yeah tbird I have noticed the issue with newbies not knowing how to search, posting in completely incorrect sections, and worst of all posting the same post in two or more sections thinking they will get a better or quicker response! Also nice about your Forum is the lack of a ton of Sticky "read this first", warnings, how-to's, and do's and don'ts.
  8. tbird

    tbird Forum Moderator Staff Member Lifetime Donor

    Nobody reads that anyway lol
  9. I'll throw in my own comments here:

    First off, being a radio collector I also subscribe to a radio forum, which is EXTREMELY active. There are sections for radios themselves, also for record players, another for old radio programming, etc. However there is also a "radio clubhouse", where we talk about everything from soup to nuts. What kind of fertilizer do you use on your lawn? How's the weather in your area? Why does my computer run slow? The Clubhouse is a great place to chat, and I think it contributes largely to the forum's success.

    Second, I have praise for THIS forum, as it seems lately we've become a bit more active here. Everything seems to be running smooth enough, no fighting or politics, just lots of good advice on how to care for our cars.

    As for where to post certain questions or comments, I suppose you can use your own discretion. If a moderator deems it more appropriate for another section, it can be moved. Simple as that.
  10. fordrodsteven

    fordrodsteven Well-Known Member Gold Donor

    Is there some reason that, whenever I am trying to help someone and share some information that would lead them to a different website, this website changes the web address I have typed in? Sometimes the information a person is requesting is readily available at another web site. (and it's free). There are some things (data / diagrams) just not found on this web site. People here are very helpful in telling a person where they can go to find the information they are looking for and I appreciate that. However if I try to help someone by typing in another website where they can find what they want this website changes whatever I type in to "fordthunderbirdforum.com". Are we not allowed to gain knowledge and information without have to go to sponsored links? Ooops, Never mind. I think I just answered my own question.
  11. biddle

    biddle Forum Moderator Staff Member

    Good question! Yes, we want the forum to be user friendly instead of having people jump through hoops to get the information they need. Also, after time, many of those links are dead. 9/10 whatever information people are trying to link to could just be posted straight on the thread, but people don't want to take the time to do it.

    The one time we do want them to link is to products on EBAY and AMAZON and instead of people copy/pasting a link tot he product, they will be vague and say I got it on Ebay.

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