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New member looking for knowledge before buying a 1971 TBird

Discussion in '1967 - 1988 Ford Thunderbird' started by dlyle, Dec 16, 2018.

  1. Hi guys and gals, just joined the forum and am looking at possibly buying a 1971 2 door Landau Thunderbird. I'm located in California...Morgan Hill to be exact.

    Looks like there is a lot of great info on here so I'm looking to soak up as much info as I can before taking the plunge.

    Are parts hard to come by for these cars? The one I'm looking at is in good shape but is missing some of the trim that goes down the side of the car and around the wheel openings. Is this stuff that can be found?

    Glad to be here, Doug
  2. Glad you are here. I have a 1970 2 door Landau and I love it You can find a lot of parts, especially on RockAuto.Com. However, many of the detail parts are hard to come by. Classic version suppliers seem to stop at 1969. Perhaps that will change as the years go by and as there are fewer and fewer cars from the 60s. For example I can't find weatherstripping for windows, or interior dash parts.

    Good luck!
  3. Thanks for the response. I'll check RockAuto to see what they have.
  4. I found weatherstripping for my 1970 sportsroof at Mac's Auto https://www.macsautoparts.com

    But you're right about the dash parts, they are scarce.
  5. What all seals did you find from them? I did get some dew wipes from them and some 1/4 glass seals. 1/4 glass seals were a giant fiasco. They actually turn out to be mustang 1/4 glass seals and are a fraction of the price. I’ve been trying to locate the A pillar to 1/4 glass seals that mount to the roof, if I don’t find something soon I will be getting something from jc whitney.
  6. I got the beltline seals - these are what I think you are calling dew wipes. They are inside and outside, on the door, resting up against the glass and wipe the glass as it is raised and lowered. I see them on the Mac web site.

    I got the roof rail weatherstripping - these apply to the door frame on the car, and they are what the glass rest on when the window is up and the door is closed. I have a two door with five windows. Some two doors (1971?) were made without the small window in the back seat. They have the two door sets, both styles, and the four door sets on their web site.

    I also got the glass to glass seal, between the front window and the small rear window. It has a chromed metal and rubber (vinyl) seal and presses onto the rear window. I think this is what you're calling the 1/4 glass seal. I can't remember what they called it, but if I'm remembering right, it was called something else. These don't seem to be listed any more.

    And as I'm looking again, I don't see the door seals listed any longer either, which concerns me. It was one of those things I said I'd buy later, but now they aren't on the site. The door seals affix to the door and seal it front (A pillar), threshold and back (B pillar).
  7. Thanks, I didn’t see them listing the roof rail weatherstrip when I ordered my stuff last summer so I’ll check again.
  8. The 71 Landau is a beautiful design. I have has several. Trim parts are tough to find but with patience you will gradually find what you need. First you will need to surf ebay daily for NOS or good used parts. There are a handfull of NOS Ford parts suppliers that may have what you need. Try NOSPartsLTD, and ClassiqueCars.com

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