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Looking for oil pan for an F3 390 cu in engine

Discussion in 'Drop the Top-Off Topic Discussion' started by linsjean, Feb 7, 2016.

  1. Yes, my elderly housemate has a 1955 T-bird, but he's looking for an oil pan that came out of a truck. He has an F3 390 cu in engine.

    I found place called Tony's Ford Truck Parts in Portland, Oregon that had one (it's a wrecking yard). We live in Eugene, Oregon. I hired a driver for Bill because he's 83 and in chronic pain with a poor memory.

    I do not know anything about vehicles, but I help him look on the internet for things, among a whole lot of other tasks.

    The oil pan needs to have the sump in the rear (not front). He did pick one up from Tony's and it was the right one, but when he got it home and cleaned it off, he noticed that some cracks had been welded, but most importantly, it wobbles and that's a big problem with putting the part back on the car. Is there a way he can put heat to it and straighten it out? He paid $105 for this part and I called Tony's and yet I just get their voicemail.

    Do you know of other places that just might have this oil pan he needs? I've attached some pics that he bought from Tony's and it's the correct one. Thanks!

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