Installing 1966 8 Track AM radio in 1964

I have a 1964 bird and am putting a 1966 AM 8 track radio in it. I was told that you have to change out the dash and console panels as the radio is larger than a 64 am radio. My question is do you have to drill different holes as the 66 panels cover the radio knob holes parchely . Has anyone ever done this? Thanks for any replies, Larry.
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No idea what "parchely" means but per my friend Pat Wilson at Wilson's TBird parts, the Flair Bird ('64 thru '66) factory AM radios are the same size.
This 8-track you say is '66, but by that you mean it is from a 1966 TBird? Ford started putting them in Sept '65. Should fit; surprised it doesn't, but you have it in hand so you would know. Is it possible the system was an aftermarket that came with a mounting kit back in '66? What is the brand name on the back? Is that what you mean by "tam"? I'm guessing Thunderbird After-Market but never heard the term.
The AM/Stereo-8 players offered in the 1966 models were made by Motorola. Forget about drilling holes, you need to replace the console, or at least that section of it. For Mustangs they hacked the dash and installed a cover over the opening. Going back to the Thunderbird, there was no front or rear speaker but they placed two 4x8" speakers in each door. I honestly don't know, but seriously doubt that the 1964 doors have speaker openings.

But before you start spending time and money, are you really sure you want to do this? You'll have an AM radio with no pushbuttons, and a first-generation tape player, as in wiggle the tape cartridge around to get it to play right. Also, be really sure about its condition -- tape heads go bad on these, giving you a weak and muffled sound. Motors go bad as well, giving you wow and flutter. The belt -- that's the easy part -- 11.2 inch flat belt 1/4 inch wide. I get these for conversion once in awhile, not my favorite by any means.


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Please include the model year in the subject on future posts. Added for you.

I also revised title "tam 8 track radio" to "Installing 1966 8 Track AM radio in 1964" which now summarizes your post.
Gary, Danny, my problem is the 1966 wood trim bezzels on the dash and console hide part of the radio knob holes. These have to be used to allow fit of the 8 track part of the radio. So i'm guessing I have to drill out the panels to make the radio control knobs to come through. As far as speakers I'm just going to use the front and rear for now. The radio is a fomoco brand stamped in the metal and also has t6sms stamped on it. The am work but the 8 track is slow ( motor not the belt) so I'm thinking of sending this out to Berry's to have it repaired and have fm also installed. Thanks for the help, Larry.