How many 1955 Green Tbirds have been produced?


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I'm not sure if anyone knows exactly. Many of the 1955 records were destroyed before someone was able to save what was left of the 1955 records and all of the 1956 & 1957 records. I cannot get the information for my bird because it was one of the destroyed records. The only sheet I have is a sampling from a few different build dates in 1957 and gives percentages from those days. I don't feel it is an accurate, true representation of ALL cars from 1857.
I am restoring my Thunderbird from 1955. The colorcode is a T, what means that it is Thunderbird Blue.
The car was painted early 90s in a turquoise color. However I found out the original color is more greenish, this is what they called Thunderbird Blue. See the picture. 488 Originele kleur, 14-11-2019.jpg Is there somebody who has the code for this color?
Howe come there are so many different colors for the 1955 Thunderbird Blue?
I appreciate your help.