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Headers for 1963 w/ 390

Discussion in '1955 - 1966 Classic Ford Thunderbird' started by Jesseshipman, Jul 26, 2018.

  1. Recetly purchased a 1963 t bird from Utah and brought it all the way down to the great state of Texas. I have a long list of upgrades to do, and as my title states this is one of them.
    Looking into the engine bay, it seems like there is no room at all for headers in there... Could someone send me a link to some that will fit because I can’t seem to find any. Or if there’s another thread on here with good info that will work too!
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  2. Sanderson makes special fit headers for TBirds. I have a set in my ‘64.
    You can order direct from them.
  3. Towball78

    Towball78 Active Member Gold Donor

    7E52EF80-8793-4F90-8B4C-125D1ADED0F1.jpeg Hi, I made my headers. Took a bit of creative thinking.
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  4. What diameter tubing did you use? Do they go around the “frame” crossmember?
  5. I installed a set on my 63 from FPA. Ford Powertrain Applications. Perfect fit. Ph 253-848-9503
  6. Towball78

    Towball78 Active Member Gold Donor

    I used 1 3/4 primary pipes with 3” collectors and tailpipes. A little overkill but sounds nice.
    Yes they drop under the engine crossmember and steering linkages. I tried to keep them all going out over the crossmember but it was impossible to make them fit. I thought this was my best option. So I kept it looking symmetrical by doing the same underneath on both sides.
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  7. Can you take/post a picture of them installed from underneath? I’d really like to see what that looks like. Thanks.
  8. Sure. Give me a couple of days to get it on a lift.
  9. Towball78

    Towball78 Active Member Gold Donor

    D4818FA8-4D24-4BA8-ADB0-0A5E73336473.jpeg 41E385B4-0A55-479C-9865-9716F734A97E.jpeg 352B8EF6-711E-4DB4-8471-F532AD0BFF82.jpeg
  10. VERY NICE!
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  11. Hadderz

    Hadderz Active Member Lifetime Donor

    wow that's some fabrication!! Looks like a heavily modified car too!
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  12. OMGosh! I almost started to cry when i saw the pics of the headers and under carriage. beautiful! just beautiful! A work of art!
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  13. Towball78

    Towball78 Active Member Gold Donor

    Yes it has had a few slight modifications. I’m currently in the process of another upgrade.
    Holley sniper EFI.
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  14. Ceramic coded staneless steel headers. 2.5” pipes.

    Attached Files:

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  15. CA2DC40C-9152-457B-B883-8945A8F12DB7.jpeg 4112A840-1361-44EE-92EC-6DE5015A4574.jpeg
    427 top oiler, Bullet cam, Edelbrock heads, Fast 2.0 Easy fuel enjection. 10.5 to 1 compression.
  16. Great looking headers. That took some time. Nice job.
  17. Hadderz

    Hadderz Active Member Lifetime Donor

    Looks a great fit even with that size pipe! Must be an awesome sound!

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