Having a problem with my brake system on my 1967 T Bird ....

When I push the brake pedal to the floor the front calipers are locking up. I have new calipers new front pads new vacuum booster and new master cylinder any ideas
Are you talking about the brake pedal going to the floor when applying them? It just might need to be bled right to get the air out of the lines. Take a clear plastic bottle and fill it half way with brake fluid. Break the bleeder nipple loose first by gently cracking it open a bit then re-tightening it back and forth until it loosens up. Don't just crank on it to open it. You'll break it off. Get a piece of hose that fits snugly over the bleeder nipple. Make it about 2 ft long. put one end on the bleeder nipple and the other in the clear bottle of brake fluid. Crack the bleeder nipple open and have someone slowly pump the brake pedal up and down and watch the bubbles come through the hose and into the bottle. When no more bubbles and only brake fluid is going in the bottle close your bleeder nipple. Have them only pump the pedal half the way down and up. No need to pump it to the floor. Do this to all 4 bleeder nipples. Keep adding brake fluid to the master cylinder while you're doing this. Don't let it get too low. That's how to correctly bleed your brakes. No more pumping up the brakes and cracking it open and then redoing it. Let me know if this helps. GOOD LUCK