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Discussion in 'Drop the Top-Off Topic Discussion' started by classicfordguy, Nov 7, 2016.

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  1. Please remove me from the email list. I joined this forum about 1 year ago to try to get some information about a repairing a 2002 Thunderbird. To date, I have not received ONE response, so I got help elsewhere. It's obvious there is no value to me staying on as part of this forum. Thank you.
  2. gbsb

    gbsb Torch Red '02 Lifetime Donor

    Sorry to lose anyone these are great cars and I did not see any help needed posy. I am not a T Bird mech but was a mech for 40 years and do my own repairs If I can any way let me know If I do not know the answer I will not give you Bull s---.
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  3. tbird

    tbird Forum Moderator Staff Member

    First- you have posted one thread, and got several responses- See http://forums.fordthunderbirdforum.com/threads/removing-replacing-power-steering-pump.4701/

    How long have you been using the internet? There are instructions at the bottom of all emails telling you how to unsubscribe.

    Third- Would you like a refund of the fees you paid? Oh wait, you didn't pay anything to use the site. lol

    Summary- you paid no money to use the site, now you are complaining because "you have not received ONE response" and the facts clearly show not only did you get one response, but you got several responses from two other members.

    P.S. Just looked and noticed you asked @Quickdraw to look up your VIN number and he did so- http://forums.fordthunderbirdforum....-02-05-thunderbird-is.3010/page-38#post-30902
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