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Jun 28, 2014
Thunderbird Year
Hello All!
Its been awhile since ive been able to join ya'll!
I Have a PAIR of NOS OEM Ford Replacement Front fenders, for the 77-79 Thunderbirds
1 Each Drivers side, and Passenger side. No Damage, just scuffed from being moved around in a shop attic for 40+ years!
$260 each.. contact me, and if you arent close enough to pick them up (Rockford Illinois) then i'll work with you on getting them shipped to you!

1 more pic...
Price dropped to $260 each


  • Left (DS) 1.JPG
    Left (DS) 1.JPG
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  • Left (DS) 2.JPG
    Left (DS) 2.JPG
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  • Left (DS) 3.JPG
    Left (DS) 3.JPG
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  • Left (DS) 4.JPG
    Left (DS) 4.JPG
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  • Left (DS) 5.JPG
    Left (DS) 5.JPG
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  • Left (DS) 6.JPG
    Left (DS) 6.JPG
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  • Right (PS) 1.JPG
    Right (PS) 1.JPG
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  • Right (PS) 2.JPG
    Right (PS) 2.JPG
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  • Right (PS) 3.JPG
    Right (PS) 3.JPG
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  • Right (PS) 4.JPG
    Right (PS) 4.JPG
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  • Right (PS) 5.JPG
    Right (PS) 5.JPG
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  • fenders.png
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Hey Paul any chance you still have these? I would like both of them, really need the drivers side.

I only have the passenger's fender remaining...
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