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Forum ideas

Discussion in 'Drop the Top-Off Topic Discussion' started by Gary Tayman, Apr 30, 2017.

  1. I'm relatively new to this forum. I might have joined awhile ago but didn't do much till recently. There is another forum I've posted on, that seems nice enough, but there's hardly any traffic on it. It's a very old, outdated format.

    There is one forum out there that's running red hot. It's not a car forum but an antique RADIO forum, for radio collectors. Yes, I collect radios and run a business -- but that's another topic. What's interesting is the fact that it is an extremely popular forum, with several members online at any given moment -- and plenty of activity.

    One huge factor -- it is huge -- is something that's mirrored here. The off-topic discussion area. Although we have common threads of radios, or in our case, Thunderbirds, once friends are made it's hard to limit your conversations to auto parts. Gee, the weather is nice in Florida today. Anybody know a good repellent for ants? I just built a workshop out back -- here are some pictures. My computer is running slow -- ideas? Those are all topics commonly found, having nothing to do with radios but create great conversation with radio people. In our case, cars, but I'm sure we have weather, bugs, garages and workshops, and computer issues. Something else the off-topic discussion does, with every message response I get an e-mail stating someone has contributed to the thread. So I'll look, and while I'm signed on, I'll check other threads. This keeps the forum more active.

    Which leads me to another point -- I'm getting regular e-mails with photos of the week, along with active discussion topics. Again, a reminder that new messages are on the forum. Whoever set this up, it's a great idea.

    I don't know who the moderators are, but I get the impression they are working hard to build up this forum, making it more active. Good job! Allow me a little time to settle in, and I may contribute to the upgrade, and possibly even sponsor the business. If nothing else, I'll be glad to contribute my feeble amount of car knowledge to anyone who needs help.

    Last but certainly not least, I own a 1964 Thunderbird hardtop. This has been a rolling restoration for several years, but is slowly improving -- and it's my ticket to lots of area car shows where I've made plenty of friends.
    Last edited by a moderator: May 18, 2017
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  2. tbird

    tbird Forum Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks Gary! Yes, I started the forum in 2001, and I'm a website designer and social media manger by trade. I also sold new Ford's at the dealership when I was in my 20's which is how the idea started. I lot of the forums have sold off to big companies, and others don't have the resources or skill to update the sites, so they quickly get dated. I've overhauled the site many times since 2001 to keep it fresh.

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