Ford thunderbird 1964 Hood letters

Hey guys currently making my 64 ford a little less aged and slightly shinier
Does anyone know how to put the hood letters on. Pop the hood and there isn't much so get them all off.
Just put on a new lenses and centre housing is tomorrow's dlc....
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Ward 57

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If you have the original hood, and it looks like the replacement letters have studs. They are probably held on by 'Speed Nuts'. springy square tabs that have a friction connection. You have to pry them off, they are usually re-useable. When you get the old ones off clean all the gunk off where they were, then the new ones should just pop into the existing holes and then slide on the speed nuts. There are a couple of related threads above where the replacement hoods were not pre- drilled.

Angry Bird

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There are no speed nuts involved, there is no way to install them from behind the letters. After gently prying the old letters off you will see that there are brass inserts (or there should be) and the new letters should pop right back into the inserts. In my case one or two inserts were missing and I simply used a clear super glue to remount them. That was 20 years ago and they're in place!