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Engine chokes out on acceleration from stop (1970 with 460 engine)

Discussion in '1967 - 1988 Ford Thunderbird' started by 70Tbird, Aug 19, 2017.

  1. Recently my 1970 Thunderbird started choking when I accelerate rapidly from a stop (i.e., when I try to burn some rubber from the stop sign). When I accelerator moderately, it works fine, or after I get up to 15 mph, I can stomp on the gas without a problem. It is only when I hit it from a full stop. Any suggestions as to what to test? I have electronic ignition, and a 460 engine. Fuel filter? Spark plugs? Dirty carb? Other?

  2. Sounds like a lean stumble on acceleration to me. Probably a carburetor issue with the accelerator pump not giving a good shot. Is that an Autolite carb? They weren't great on quick throttle stabs.
  3. My new 70 seems to have elongated holes in the fuel pump linkage. They are oval and elongated instead of round even though it supposedly got a "rebuilt carb" at some point before I bought it. The oval holes do allow the pump to depress much. Anyone else seen this or is it normal?
  4. Correction: The oval holes don't allow the pump to depress much. Anyone else seen this or is it normal?

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