Electric Fuel Pump Mod for 1966 Town coupe 390

When my car sits for a week or so without being operated it takes forever to start. 2-3 minutes of pumping the accelerator pedal and wearing the battery down before light off. I was thinking about installing an inline electric fuel pump near the gas tank. the car is all original and want to hide any mods. Has anyone done this ? What kind do you recommend and mounting location? Also can it be turned off after starting ? Thanks Dave

66 interior pic.JPG


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What shape is the fuel line in? If I recall, its a flex line from the fuel pump to the cowl where it connects to a steel line. Also there is a filter screen inside the fuel tank. That may be getting restricted. My family had 6 Fords in that era and the filter would start plugging at 80 to 90k miles.

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It may be worth checking in tank filter as @Critterpainer mentioned.
However you can also prime the carburetor if it has been sitting awhile. I use a squeeze bottle and about a half cup of gas in the front vent.
If you go the electric route mount it close to the tank if you can. You should be able to turn it off while the car is running but it's not really necessary.