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Drums on 68 stuck

Discussion in '1967 - 1988 Ford Thunderbird' started by jon774, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. Back off adjustment screw is siezed. Any ideas on how to remove the rear drum
  2. More than likely, the pads are froze to the drum. You will need a large persuader-3 # of more hammer and start pounding on the drums. Vary your hits all the way around the drum....surface and face. U may end up breaking one but the vibration hopefully will loosen the siezure of the pad and drum
  3. I had to cut the head off the shoe retaining pins before I was able to get the drum off my 70.
  4. Tried both those methods. Ended up borrowing a large adjustable puller.
    The adjuster moved smoothly they were apart, It must of been up against something when I installed it. Looking to upgrade the rears to discs, tons of options out there. Any favorites?
  5. Drill a hole into the drum around the Axle shaft face. Tap it and put bolts into the drum and try with a breaker bar to turn the bolts. This should push the Drum off the seized pads. Spray A LOT of PB blaster back there to get it all well lubricated. remember to be careful and don't drill into the Axle shaft face itself where the studs are. Also beat the hell out of the drum with a hammer too. Should help in getting it loose.
  6. What are you using the car for? Because upgrading to disc on the Rear is somewhat meh if you only plan on daily driving. My 69 I completely redid the brakes front and rear. I still got drums and so far she stops fine.
  7. 64ZCODE

    64ZCODE Well-Known Member Gold Donor

    My '64 has a stuck rear brake drum. It's not the adjuster, the drum turns freely, it's just glued to the axel hub with rust, crud and corruption and years of not having anyone pay attention to it. I've tried WD40, tapping with hammer, heating with torch, etc. to no avail. I think a drum puller it the answer, but interestingly no one where I live in California rents them anymore (too much liability they say). I could buy a puller online for $100 but hey, I'm cheap, and I've never needed one before.

    The other rear drum came right off and the linings are at 50% and the drum surface is OK, so I'll just run with the rear brakes as is for a while longer. I completely re-did the front drum brakes and the car stops fine now, no more brake grabbing and nose diving symptoms.

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