Cuise o magic shift issue

Just started looking in to this after fighting with carb and linkage issues .just realized my transmission isn't down shifting on its on pull it in drive and takes off in drive. Put it in first and takes off in first and can manually shift all the way up but it won't shift back to first on its own.any suggestions to where is a good place to start . It doesn't slip so that isn't a problem

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Sounds like a vacuum leak on thehose going to the vacuum modulator. Or the modulator could be bad. When you put it in 1st gar do you shift it manually or put it back in drive right after you start moving.
It seams to go into what ever gearbox select. I can manualy
Shift it threw but to go right to drive it fast shifts up to drive like 2nd isn't there. But I can go 1 then 2 then 3 all three are there . I also should have said it' sat for 11 years


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I think you have the old cruiseamatic transmission. if you start out in first and shift it up one notch and back to first it will go into second and the up one more notch into third or drive. If you down shift it back down to first it won't go into first until you get down to 5 mph. That was a safety feature Ford built into the transmission so as not to cause a skid on slippery pavement....


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New owner here. So there are 3 drive settings? a D a green D and 2 which is low? is the green dot D some kind of pre over drive? thanks.
The Cruise-O-Matic transmission featured the green dot is where the tranny would have 1-2-3 gears, while in D the transmission would start in second gear and shift to high.

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