Continuing problems on 64 after Hill’s Classic Autos

After sending my car to Hill Classic auto in Racine OH and that disaster, im still correcting what they did and didn't do!! Have to get into the steering column and put in a new turn signal switch since they didnt want to do it. Have to fix the new neutral switch so I dont have to lift the lever up to start. Have to fix my washer circuit too that I had working before they got hold of it.
I had to get under the dash and found vacuum lines unhooked where they worked on it!!
They were supposed to put in a new rear main (charged me for parts and labor twice and had to refund) but since I had got it back it has been leaking more than it did before. So need to take it to a good mechanic and see if it had been changed out.
If its the rear main still I guess Im going to get a lawyer. Over $16k to Hills Classic Auto and still having to work on it is ridiculous!!!
So at the car show today I was talking to another car owner about places and I mentioned Racine OH. He knew off the bat who I was talking about and said “ Hills! Yeah there ones who will rip ya off!!”
He told me there were a few others who were done the same way as I was. Guess Im not the only one.
1697D552-DABB-46D3-8621-1DFDB615A2A8.jpeg B2AA7CE3-C102-404A-AC91-C9B3B4745D9F.jpeg 6EDA7B41-A401-4A64-8271-05FB92E8DE48.jpeg Had to take it all back apart. Got the washer circuit going again.
My vacuum lines had several pulled off the controls. One of the vacuum motors had a wire tied around it keep it from working. Now the heater worked fine until it went to Hill’s and had the AC redone. The wire is new or it would have been dusty and dirty.
Two days ago I took apart the steering column and put in a new turn signal switch that they apparently didnt want to do. I found everything was loose in the column where they put in the new shifter. I was having to raise up on the shifter to start it with the new neutral switch. It all works fine now.