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Certificate of Title

Discussion in 'Drop the Top-Off Topic Discussion' started by coolmint, Oct 29, 2017.

  1. Hi, Gents.

    I'm a restorer from Latvia, Europe. I bought Tbird 1967 from US Auction 3 years ago and since then made a complete restoration. But...
    couple of month ago my house was robbed and they stole original Certificate of Title for my car. The Title was not on my name (on the name of previous owner), because I'm not a US citizen and not allowed to have a car registered on my name. All the documents about sell/buy/export/import process I have, the only missing is Title?
    Any ideas?

    If I don't answer here and you have an idea, how to get it, please write me an sms (call) +371 26491046 or e-mail d.abrosimovs@gmail.com

  2. I haven't the slightest idea how Latvia handles car titles or registration, but I'm assuming you never bothered to register your car until now, and now you're stuck.

    Do you have ANY paperwork? Do you have some sort of receipt from the auction, stating the transfer? Something like that may be needed. A title can be replaced I'm sure, by the former owner, or by the owner's state if the owner gives some sort of written permission. But I think your first step would be to go to YOUR authorities, tell them the story, and ask them what they need from you to get a clean title in your name.

    It may be possible, with a receipt, that your local government could ask the seller's state for a title, or similar certificate. What the state can do is check their database to ensure the car was indeed owned by the seller, and check the VIN number to make sure there have been no claims of the car being stolen or such. If everything is on the up and up, I'm sure they can print you a title. But check with them first -- they're the best ones to go to for an answer.

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