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Best way to clean trunk and floorpans in prep for paint? 1969 tbird

Discussion in '1967 - 1988 Ford Thunderbird' started by OneAmongOthers, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. Hey guys it's getting warmer now so I am about to start prepping my 69 bird for paint. But what is the best way to strip off the old stuff in before getting it ready for fresh paint? I am going to spackle paint the trunk with stuff I am getting from Eastwood. Floorpans will be a combination of rust converted with an encapsulator and then top coat of enamel. Any tips from those that have done this would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  2. I stripped the nasty carpet out of my 67. Underneath is the original sound deadening padding insulation that has hardened and breaks apart, and looks to be glued to the metal floor. Have you removed that already?
  3. Only the nasty crap out of the trunk so far. I haven't seen yet what is under the carpet.
  4. Ha. I did the trunk too, that paisley cardboard crap, what a mess. That came out pretty easy but the was some residual adhesive or something under there. I'm using Eastwood products for the engine, I'm told it is the best. My buddy uses Eastwood and swears by it so I'm going with it.
  5. Eastwood is good stuff! I did most of the underside of the car with their paint and after a year it still looks good! Though I went the extra step with the rear axle and painted it with POR15. Though that stuff requires quite a lot of prep before you apply the paint. East wood also sells a nice trunk spackle paint. Does it up real nice though I need to strip whatever the hell that sticky shit is under all the crap that was in the trunk.
  6. I think a wire brush attachment on a drill would prep the trunk and floorboards. I took a close look at my floorboard yesterday and peeled back that tar paper crap under the sill area, used a scraper and it came up, for the most part. Another easy scrape and I was down to bare paint and in really good shape for 60 years. Unless there is some surprise adhesive under there it should come up easy if yours is similar.

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