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97 3.8 LX Hard to start when warm and now idles rough

Discussion in '1989 - 1997 Ford Thunderbird' started by Sprocket, Mar 6, 2019.

  1. Hi I have a 97 V6 with 176K on the clock. A few months ago (2K miles) I swapped out the plugs, wires, and distro cap (if you can call it that) hoping to get rid of this issue. It seems to be getting worse now.

    When the car is cold it starts fine. When it' hot, it starts fine. When it sits for about 20-30min and it's in between, it usually starts and wants to stall and doesnt settle down into a normal idle (very rough and missing).

    If I give it gas and run it up to about 1500 rpm for a minute then it's fine. It has done this off and on since I got the car at 140K. Over time it has gotten worse and finally on Sunday I just wouldn't start for 5 or 6 tries and then finally did and like above had to give it throttle for a minute before it would idle ok.

    Today it's a little colder here (60s vs. 80s) and although it started fine cold after work it was idling really throbby (car was shaking).

    I'm going to guess there is either a vacuum line broken or a sensor is going bad. Any ideas on which sensor may be faulty? Wife is planning a 1000mile one way trip in it in a few weeks and want to feel good about it making it.
  2. First thought? clean/replace IAC (idle air control) clean MAF and TB (parts stores sell the right stuff).
  3. there is a vac line that looks like it goes from the charcoal canister up and into the manifold. Found the line was split just next to the manifold. As a quick fix, taped the end up and put it back on. Seems to run a little better now. need to replace the line as it has cracks all over it.

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