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97 3.8, blower motor quit while driving

Discussion in '1989 - 1997 Ford Thunderbird' started by Sprocket, Mar 17, 2019.

  1. I was driving home a few minutes ago and had the AC running on Max with high fan. Heard a slight click or pop and it just quit blowing. Got home and checked the 10A fuse under the dash and it's good. Assume the blower motor fuse is good as the owner's manual says its the same 60A circuit as the ignition and I can start the car no problem...

    From what I read on here, if it was the resistor back, it should run in the last set position which was full blast....
    Any ideas? I live in FL and both of my window motors have stripped gears and don't work. It's hot in there!

    Unfortunately, time is a luxury this week, so hoping to get a decent idea what I'm looking for before I go ripping the dash apart.
  2. jazbo

    jazbo Active Member Lifetime Donor

    Quick check: Unplug the blower and check the resistance across it. It should be very low, 1 Ohm or less. If it is much higher than that, then the blower is open circuit and needs to be replaced.
  3. Thanks, sounds like a fairly easy check.......Where is the blower motor located in the dash? It's been pouring rain for the last 24 hours and haven't been able to look up under there (or do I have pull the dash apart?) Appreciate the help....slow going this week between the rain and prepping my motorhome for a 450 x2 mile ride this weekend.
  4. jazbo

    jazbo Active Member Lifetime Donor

    Not sure about your generation, but the blower in my 70 is buried between the RH fender and the inside of the HVAC module. Hopefully your is easier to get at. If you have a wiring schematic you should be able to measure it at the resistor pak if that is more accessible under the hood.
  5. It's actually really easy behind the glove box. I broke down and bought a Factory Service Manual. I got no resistance across the two leads on the blower motor. Guess I'll check the voltage across the plug side as per the FSM the voltage should change on each of the fan settings. (started to rain again while out there and had to cook dinner...)

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