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'93 tbird 3.8l upgrades?

Discussion in '1989 - 1997 Ford Thunderbird' started by Thundercougarfalconbird, Nov 23, 2016.

  1. I have a stock 93 tbird with the 3.8 n/a and I'm wondering what engine upgrades, if any can I do to make more power. without the obvious V8 swap. Researched and just can't find much information on them. Thanks in advamce.
  2. You can remove current air flow filter and install a K&N air filter and pickup so really noticeable performance also change out throttle body for a larger one for starters do not buy into those silly chips 275.00 and more and do not consider putting on a supercharger cause the stock v6 will be destroyed not able to handle it blows heads and gaskets you couls ad a shift kit to transmission just a few quick and cheap fixes you could get the supercharged v.6 instead of the v8 cause they can and will out perform any stock 5.0 hands down can be done easily I use my 3.8 supercharged for race and they easily walk all over the mustang 5.0 and can handle some corvette's stock only
  3. Awesome. Thanks for your input. Definitely a good place to start. Would you happen to know what year mustang parts would fit this same engine? For example headers and bigger throttle bodies? Thanks in advance
  4. Performance Air Intake or High Flow Air Filter?
  5. they sell the cold air intake on ebay for 42.00 they come blue and red those work well I'm getting those for my car here soon I'm building five of these I have four for my other cars work as well as k&n check the junkyards there are 3.8 mustang's that come with the headers they'll work
  6. Do you need a cover to prevent the hot air getting in? Or can I just buy one without the cover?

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