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92 ford thunderbird no power

Discussion in '1989 - 1997 Ford Thunderbird' started by Creoleswift, Oct 1, 2018.

  1. 1992 ford thunderbird lx 3.8l 79,000 miles ....ok guys here we go again sorry to drudge up the past, but no luck on the t-bird yet....the symptoms have changed recently and dont know why here's what i did. i went and pulled the throttle body apart to check gasket and naturally it was cracked so i went ahead and replaced it while i was in there i noticed the tranny shift linkage grommet was busted so i removed it and put a new one in... i put everything back together the way it was checked all connections and started car it idles great now but now after two weeks it acts like there is no gas, cant get up to speed sometimes but other times it goes like its new, like i said it idles great but once i hit the pedal it doesnt want to pick up speed (intermittently), but doesnt stall cel light comes on sometimes when it does it, i have to baby the pedal (barely touching gas pedal for it to pick up speed) any thoughts of went wrong. i did un hook battery but i drove it more than 200 miles in a week to reset trims... please help already replaced sparks, wires, maf, iac,
  2. What happens if you mash the gas? You said you had to really baby the throttle to get anything done. If the engine runs perfectly fine all the time but it just feels like it's doing nothing then its a trans issue. Do you hear like a super loud tin-like sound coming from the front of your transmission. Kinda sounds like your torque converter is being dumb. Anyway get back to me on that question. What happens when you mash on the gas?
  3. Also that detent cable can really screw with things if it's not adjusted properly. So make sure that's alright
  4. The problem is intermittent to where it is random. The dentent cable grommet broke while I was working on the throttle body gasket so I bought a new grommet and that's when this problem started after that. I found a bad intake hose and replaced it. The throttle issue got alot better but it is still doing it. When I stomp on the gas peddle the rpm's don't move and car slowely accelerates.. no jumping rpm needle or nothing.. weird you would think rpm needle would jump if you slamp on gas but it stays in same spot.. tps???

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