66 Power Seat Problem

Tilt and raise/lower works but seat doesn’t move in forward direction. Pretty sure it’s all the way to the reverse stop but assuming that control doesn’t work in reverse as well. Could this just be the switch or is it more complicated than that?o
New battery didn’t hurt! Moves now but every once and awhile it “clicks” and doesn’t move. Larry’s has switch on eBay. May purchase on spec. Will be reforming seats in spring. Will troubleshoot further when I have the seat removed.
We rebuild power seat bases for Thunderbirds. Most often it is a combination of problems from old age. corroded contacts in motors and relays, Rust, hardened grease and swollen nylon friction guides. We offer complete restoration and 6 month warranty. If I can be of any further help please contact me Thanks Jim..
I don't think it's the switch. I think it's just lack of usage. Spray some PB blaster over the rails & mechanisms and maybe even use a " persuader" To nudge it into moving. Then go after and apply some white lithium grease to any moving parts. I'm going to do that to my slow struggling power windows.
The switch on mine was broken. Replaced the switch (got mine from Larry’s as well) and the relays (3 relays under the seat which I bought used from Wilson’s) and it started working.