66 Dual Master Cylinder Conversion

I have a 66 Town Landau that has the single reservoir master cylinder. I want to convert over to a dual master cylinder. I've heard that a Mustang dual cylinder "should" work, and I've also heard that a mid seventies F150 master cylinder "should" work. What have other people used that will bolt up to my booster? Is there a dual cylinder out there that will fit with the shock tower brace in place?
I know many people run the single reservoir with good luck, and I have too up to now, but my car is a bit different than most. My car has 510hp, and 568ft/tq before the nitrous hit. I can get my front wheels off of the ground, has Micky Thompson Street ET tires, and it goes pretty fast. Now that I've spent years making it go fast, I want to make it stop fast and safely. Can anyone offer good advise to go with a dual master reservoir cylinder? Dan


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With that power I'd be looking for a complete system from Wilwood or similar - plus a parachute and a boat anchor!! Sounds a fab project!