'65 Cruise-O-Matic to C6 conversion

So, I've had the 65 for almost two decades and decided to put aluminum heads and fuel injection on it last fall. When I took the heads off the cylinders were in bad shape so I pulled the engine, bored it .030 and put in an Eagle Stroker out to 431 CI. Crane cam, HV oil pump, Edelbrock heads and multi-port sequential fuel injection. So I figure the C.O.M wouldn't handle it so I'm going to a C6 with a CK performance 4 pinion planetary with a lower 1st and 2nd. I'm putting it all in soon and was wondering if anyone has done the C6 conversion. I have the C6 motor mounts and tranny mounts and forward cross member. But the problem is the C6 is longer. I think I need a transmission mount cross member and shorter driveshaft. Has anyone on here done this conversion, or have a 66 with a C6 to measure the driveshaft and take a pic of the rear transmission cross member? If anyone can enlighten me, I sure would appreciate it.