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65 Column parts

Discussion in '1955 - 1966 Classic Ford Thunderbird' started by 8up, Feb 18, 2019.

  1. Can someone show me a picture of the bushing and donut that tend to go bad on these so I can order them?
  2. E5A6E8BE-72D0-44FE-86E8-BCB7FE484E12.png right now the macs site is down for maintenance but here is a pic off a search. The only other piece I have replaced is the shift lever as the end wears on the detent. The lower bushing is the one with the locating tab on it, the upper bearing I have replaced but I’ve never had a bad one, it’s always been the upper support that has disintegrated. I’ve never replaced the dust cone either as I’ve never had one apart that was missing. I’m fairly certain you can get the upper bearing and support individually much cheaper but not sure if anyone is selling the lower seperate
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  4. No the column doesn’t need to come out. Have you moved the t/s switch out of the way and the snap ring? I’ve never seen a bad bearing, I’ve only replaced the because I was in there already.
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  5. Yes, all those parts, I took off. I need to replace the shifter detent too and I'm stuck at the upper bearing...
  6. If you can take a picture and post it I’ll see if I can help you get it sorted
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  7. Ok, I'll take pictures tomorrow when I'll arrive at the garage. Thanks a lot.
  8. Hi 40birds! Here's the pictures. IMG_20190219_144348.jpg IMG_20190219_144348.jpg IMG_20190219_144334.jpg
  9. Well I can see your isolator has vanished which is not surprising. With the snap ring off the only thing holding the bearing in is friction. I’ve never had one stick like you describe but if it was me at this point I would hold the center shaft up to remove any pressure on the outer bearing and I’d try getting a hook pick under it and working it up, I’d probably try to get a little penetrating oil on there as well.
  10. I just re read your post and saw you are wanting to replace the detent plate also, what symptom are you looking to cure? I can tell you the detent plate is one of those not fun jobs. If it’s slipping out of park I’d look at the shift lever first. If you pull the lever you will most likely find a rather large groove worn in it, caused by the detent plate. The plate is a harder metal than the shift lever and that is the result. I’ve seen guys weld the ends back but I’ve always just replaced the lever. The missing isolator from your pictures will give you up and down movement in the steering wheel. More often than not the problems are bad upper isolator missing lower bushing and worn shift handle.
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  11. Hi 40Birds. I just came back from the garage where my car is for the &*?$&* winter! I should have take a picture of the shift lever because I took it off the other day. Tomorrow and I'll try to take off that bearing at the same time. Thanks again for your help. Reggie
  12. Hi 40Birds, I've finally been able to take off that bearing but it was impossible to do the traditional way.... we had to go by under the car and take out the bolt at the joint. I've changed the detent plate at the same time. Thanks again! Reggie IMG_20190220_195819.jpg IMG_20190220_134322.jpg IMG_20190220_132119.jpg
  13. Well atleast it’s out. Although I’ve never had a bad one I have changed them just because I was there, which in and of itself usually turns into much deeper projects. Anyway, yes your shift handle is worn badly. I’ve talked with guys that have welded the groove to fill in the gap and then ground them back down to shape. I’ve always just exchanged them for new, way less work. When you pulled the shaft did you replace the lower bushing? I believe it’s made from the same material as the upper which as you know from yours was gone and would be way easier now. There is a trick to replacing it without pulling the column out but as far as you have gone now you are already there
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  14. No, I didn't replace the lower one and I've put all that back together. I hope that I won't have any problem with it!
  15. Thank you 40birds & Rlucky63
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