57 T-Bird speedometer removal

I've determined that the speedometer on my 57 T-Bird needs to be overhauled. It's jumping all over the place and the meter pegs to the end and has a loud whine sound when it reaches 45 - 50 mph. My problem is removing it.

After a frustrating time on my back under the instrument panel I finally removed the cable, light bulbs and 4 screws. I'm supposed to turn the meter so it aligns with the cut outs in the panel and pull it out. The problem is, I'm not able to turn it far enough to line up the cut outs.

Has anyone done this before and what is the trick?




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Yes you can, but it is not a fun job. I removed mine (twice) there was no trick to it but I do remember one of the screws was hard to get at. I would recommend removing the seat to make it easier to get under the dash.

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