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57 muffler heat shields

Discussion in '1955 - 1966 Classic Ford Thunderbird' started by valhalla 4771, Apr 29, 2017.

  1. I see heat shields advertised that go between the muffler and undercarriage. Anyone know if they are a worthwhile investment?
  2. I just bought them for my 1956. For only $70, it can't hurt. I read that these little birds are very hot in the cockpit.....thats why they added vent doors in an effort to cool it down. These shields are supposed to cut heat from 280 to 100 degess on the floor boards.
  3. Speaking of heat shields, my car is a bit newer -- 1964 -- and it has a heat issue that I know is common, but not sure what others have done to fix it.

    Inside the console is a transmission adjustment access hole. It's about 3 inches diameter. I believe it's supposed to have a rubber cover, but mine is missing -- and I'm sure any junkyard donor is rotten. The problem, heat from the engine goes inside the console, to the radio and A/C controls, and after driving the car for awhile the whole dadblame console gets hotter than a firecracker. Somewhere in a stash of parts I found a plate, with a 1" hole in it, that looked like it might cover it. So I set it in place and covered the area with duck tape. Later, some cockamamie resto shop did some work on the car, soon after I noticed the console getting hot again. Not as bad as before, but definitely there. I opened it up, and those clowns routed some wiring through the small center hole, and the plate loose. What were they thinking? Anyway, a future project I need to cut up that plate and find something to cover the hole. I have not seen repros of that access cover available anywhere. Aluminum tape maybe?

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