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56 T Bird needs some paint

Discussion in '1955 - 1966 Classic Ford Thunderbird' started by Mr. Bill, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. I placed a second outside mirror on the passenger side and then discovered I had to move both outside mirrors closer to the windows. When I did this I had to fill in the wholes sand and prim on each door and hit the edge od the front fender. I tried to paint and screwed it up even more. I brought the car in to body shops for estimates to repaint both doors. The question came up do I let the body shop repaint doors and part of fenders with newer type pain and clear coat of go with the single stage paint that the car had been repainted with before I owned it? Which will work with the older paint job will it make a difference in a few years? Thanks Bill
  2. Dick Rupp

    Dick Rupp Active Member Lifetime Donor

    If the guy at the body shop can't answer that question you're at the wrong body shop
  3. Dick Rupp, I have received different answers from different shops that is why I am asking the forum which would have no monetary interest or looking to make a fast buck by doing it quickly but not the best way.
  4. I would like to know the opinions on this as well. I will need a repaint in the next couple years and want to know if there is any advantage to keeping the one stage paint or go color and clear coat
  5. Douglemmo

    Douglemmo Active Member Lifetime Donor

    I think the real issue is how closely they will be able to match the color. The two stage paint job will most likely come out much shinier than the single stage which may contrast with the rest of the car. It is the color match that I would be most concerned about. As far a repainting the car in a few years I don't see that it doesn't make any difference how you paint it now, since I assume that the car will be either completely stripped or sanded for the repaint. For the repaint, I would definitely go with 2 stage; color/clear.
  6. Thanks, I have a dusk rose 1957 and I love and have had many complements on the color and shade. I was wondering whether the two stage will be able to exactly replicate the color and shade
  7. I am doing a complete body off restoration of my 55 Thunderbird. I choose to go 2 stage 4 base coats and 4 clear coats.
    The 2 stage paint and clear coats make it way easier to match if you ever need to do repairs. I also had it painted Colonial White which my wife and I both really like. It was originally Thunderbird Blue. I want the car the way I want it. I vote 2stage and whatever color you like.

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  8. Mr Bill, cscolastico,

    I used PPG CONCEPTĀ® (DCC) Acrylic Urethane single stage paint on my 68 Cutlass. It has more of a period correct look than clear coat. It only works with a solid color, so no metal flakes. At car shows when I tell folks is single stage, they are amazed, even a body shop manager. I had a restoration shop apply the color. I ask if they did a base/clear, how many coats that would be. 3 base & and 3 clear, so I had them apply 3 coats, lightly sand and another 3 coats. I brought the car home, waited several months and then color sanded and buffed. It looked like a million bucks & won a 1st place at the Houston Autorama that year.

    One of the plus', if you get a scratch, just touch up with the original paint, color sand and buff. No need to paint an entire panel.

    The PPG CONCEPTĀ® (DCC) Acrylic Urethane is a premium paint. The attached picture is my Cutlass painted with a 67 Corvette Sunfire Yellow. P5291183.JPG

    Good luck,
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  9. Beautiful car
  10. Thanks gentleman, I appreciate the discussion and advice.

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